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Jennifer’s English School (J’s) was established in 1991 by its founder, Jennifer Edwards, a veteran specialist in teaching English as a Foreign Language.  The current dedicated J’s team includes the school’s manager (Mr. Shigeru Kushimoto); three full-time teachers; one part-time teacher; and three part-time rotating secretaries. 


J’s English School is a fun, relaxed place to learn English for students.  It offers an ‘at home’ feel whilst providing a professional service to all our students.  Additionally, it is a place where one can meet a variety of people and both share and be exposed to an assortment of cultural diversity.  


The main branch school is located in Ebata Town, Obu City, Aichi Prefecture.  The school is open Monday to Friday regardless of National Holidays, 46 weeks a year.  The school offers morning, afternoon and evening classes.  The school is closed for a total of five weeks a year.

There is also a branch school located in Mizuho Ward, Nagoya City which currently offers afternoon and evening classes on Tuesdays.


We conduct both in-house and outside classes.  Classes have a limit of 10-12 students depending on the type of class.  We teach Pre-school, Kids, Young Adult, Adult, TOEIC, Grammar and Free Conversation Classes in house.  We hold special event classes twice a year on weekends for all students such as Halloween and Christmas Parties. 


Our students’ ages range from three years old upwards.  Phonics forms the base of the children’s courses.  Our overall teaching methodology revolves around student-centered learning. 


We also teach outside classes at several kindergartens and also offer both outside business and regular conversation classes.  We are available to teach a variety of outside classes on demand.


In addition, as an official Eiken test site, we also hold short preparatory courses for Junior Eiken Tests in the summer and for the Eiken Tests in winter.


We vow to provide a fun, friendly and professional service to all our students and furthermore to remain dedicated to the pursuit of constantly improving the quality of learning that we offer to students.


Please feel free to contact us should you require any further information in English or in Japanese regarding our school.


For position enquiries please refer to the contact page in the message space and head your message with Teaching Position Enquiry.

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